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Telehealth  Information

Please make sure to test out the system before your appointment. We ask that you log in a few minutes before your appointment time in order to make sure there are no issues. Once your provider is ready for you, they will bring you into the virtual meeting room. You should be able to access from your phone, computer or tablet. If there are any problems, please call the office. For additional directions, see below!

Select your provider from the links below:
image 2.png

Personal Link Name:  jeckhardt


Personal Link Name:  melissabarrett

pic 2.jpg

Personal Link Name:  lindseyrussell


Personal Link Name:  kristinaunseld


SMARTPHONE: You will need to download the Zoom application on your smart phone and then click on the link for your providers waiting room (see above) and it will open to your providers virtual waiting room.

COMPUTER:   If you are using a COMPUTER or a LAPTOP,  there is no need to download anything. Open a new web browser, type in “”. You will see “Join a Meeting” in blue, on the top right of the toolbar. Click it. That will open a screen asking you for the Personal Link Name, type in your providers personal link name (see above) then click “JOIN”. That will take you into the waiting room and once your provider is ready for you, she will bring you in.

**If you are accessing the waiting room directly through the zoom application, instead of using a Meeting ID, click below where it says "Join with a personal link name" and type in the personal link name (see above) and click Join. 

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